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Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge Dentist in Garland,  Richardson, Plano, Mesquite, Dallas Tx.

Crown and Bridge is a dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants. A Bridge is indirectly fabricated in a dental laboratory after taking the impression of prepared teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. The materials used for the bridges include full gold (metal alloy), porcelain fused to metal, or in the correct situation All porcelain Like Zirconia and Emax Bridges.

Crown and Bridge Garland  Crown and bridge Garland

How long does it take to receive a dental crown or bridge?

 It will take more than one office visit to put in a permanent crown or bridge. On your first visit, we often make a model of your teeth, and we may put in a temporary crown. The permanent ones will be custom-made in a laboratory to fit you perfectly, and put in later.

The procedure for placing crowns and bridges is simple procedure.. First, you will get numbed so you won’t feel any pain. Next, your teeth will be prepared for the crown and bridge. Then custom prepared crown and bridge get back from lab will be permanently attached in second appointment. When it’s done, you will not only leave with a great-looking smile but stability of your fuction will be restored with replacing lost teeth. 

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FAQ'S About Crown and Bridge:

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a device used to replace a missing tooth by placing an artificial tooth between two adjacent teeth and permanently affixing it to the adjacent teeth. There are several types of dental bridges, but each is custom-made to fit the patient’s arch. Dental bridges require that the two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth be shaped to accept the bridge. Crowns are placed on the shaped teeth and attached to the new artificial tooth, forming a bridge.

When are dental bridges used?

If a single tooth is missing between two other teeth, a dental bridge can be used. For years, the dental bridge was the most reliable way to replace a single missing tooth. Today, advances in dental implants make them a popular choice for replacing a single tooth because a dental implant doesn’t impact the adjacent teeth and preserves the bone in the area of the missing tooth.

What are dental bridges side effects?

Dental bridge side effects are generally rare. Like any procedure that involves your gums, there a risk of gum infection or inflammation, but that is rare. Your dentist will also consult with you prior to the procedure to assure you don’t have allergies to the materials being used.

The biggest issue isn’t a side effect, but the fact that with a dental bridge two healthy teeth need to be altered to replace one missing tooth. A dental bridge is a permanent device that requires two healthy teeth adjacent the missing tooth to be shaped to accept the crowns of the new dental bridge.

 What are the alternatives to dental bridges?

Dental Implants are the standard of care for replacing missing teeth today. With dental implants, you can choose a single tooth implant, restore several missing teeth or restore all your teeth. While dental implants are more costly than dental bridges, the benefits are significantly greater, like not needing to modify nearby healthy teeth or replace the bridge years down the road.

If you have any questions about crowns or bridges, please contact our Garland Dentist at 972-276-4888.




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