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Emergency services


Emergency Dentist, Garland Tx 75040: 


Any of the Dental Emergencies listed below will be taken care at Emergency Dentist in Smiline Dental Texas Garland Tx office.

Toothache, Lost filling, Chipped tooth, Abscess, Dental abscess, gum abscess, loose bridge, decayed teeth, lost cap, broken cap, lost crown, broken crown, dental emergency, broken tooth, dental pain, dental swelling, sore gums, swollen gums, gum disease, broken denture, gingivitis, periodontitis, lost tooth, knocked out tooth, bleeding gums, sensitive tooth, tooth sensitive to cold, tooth sensitive to biting, sore wisdom tooth

Call us to take care of any dental emergencies or toothaches, in most cases we can see you and treat you in the same day!

Learn more about Dental Emergency:

Tooth Pain:

Tooth pain may be due to a large cavity into the nerve, mobility, fracture, trauma,infection or inflammation of pulp tissue.

Symptoms: Constant severe pain and pressure, swelling of the gum and sensitivity to touch. 

Result: Constant pain whole day and disturbance in sleep during night and swelling at involved area.

Rx Needed: See your Emergency dentist Garland Tx immediately for a thorough examination. Once the problematic tooth is isolated, Sometimes removing the irritating agent will solve the problem and sometimes restoring a lost tooth structure due to trauma or a root canal treatment to remove the infected pulp tissue will bring relief while saving the tooth. Untreated, the pain could become worse. 



Problem: The pulp tissue inside a tooth is acutely infected, inflamed and dying. This is generally in response to decay coming very close to or entering the nerve.
Treatment Needed: It is important to treat an abscess. If left untreated, the abscess can damage the adjacent teeth/gums, lead to bone loss, be a continuing source of infection, and even be life threatening. To find an abscess, we complete a thorough examination and a series of tests – including x-rays. An infected tooth will never heal on its own, much like an infection around a splinter will not heal until the splinter is removed. To treat and remove the infection, a root canal is completed if the tooth can be saved/ restored. In many cases (especially on back teeth) a crown/cap is required to save the tooth after a root canal is completed. If the tooth is not restorable and can’t be saved, an extraction is required.

Fracture or Trauma
Our emergency dentist in Garland TX team can help in any of your dental emergencies. We can help you if you have a broken, chipped or fractured tooth. No matter what your dental injury, we can help you. Our professional and highly qualified emergency dental care team can help you and perform the correct dental surgery needed to resolve your injury.

What should you do about dental injuries? 

 Following an accident involving the face/mouth:

  • Locate any missing teeth or fragments of teeth.
  • Only touch the crown of the tooth – the part usually visible in the mouth.
  • Do not wash or rinse the fragment or tooth with anything, even water.
  • Store the fragment or tooth in milk, if possible.
  • Seek advice from a dentist immediately. 
  • Check the teeth by looking, or using a finger.

A tooth that has been knocked out, or even a broken tooth, has a better chance of being successfully re-implanted if this is done as soon as possible (ideally within half an hour).

Treatment of dental injury/broken tooth at Smiline Dental Texas, Garland, Texas:

  • It may be possible to re-implant the tooth if help is sought quickly, the bone is not too badly damaged and the patient is in a fit state for treatment.
  • Milk teeth are not re-implanted, as there is a risk of harming the permanent tooth underneath.
  • Soft tissue damage may require stitches.
  • The tooth fragment or a white filling material may be used to rebuild the tooth.
  • A splint is often required to hold a loosened or re-implanted tooth in place.
  • A tetanus booster and/or antibiotics may be required.
  • The tooth will need to be regularly checked and X-rays taken to see the progress.


Treatment of knocked out teeth at Smiline Dental Texas Emergency dentist Garland Tx

If a tooth is knocked out, hold the tooth by the crown. Do NOT scrub it or remove any attached tissue fragments. If you can, gently place the tooth back in its socket or store it in a cup of milk and CALL directly SMILINE DENTAL TEXAS Family Dental Practice to make an appointment with one of our expert and qualified dentists.

A professional qualified emergency dentist should see to any dental injury as soon as possible.

SMILINE DENTAL TEXAS Emergency Dentist Garland has professional dental surgeons on hand 3 days a week and (in emergency situation 6 days a week on request), so no matter the emergency, we can cater for your needs. Call on SMILINE DENTAL TEXAS at 972-276-4888 to make an appointment with a qualified emergency dentist today.

Wisdom tooth emergency:

Wisdom teeth and Pericoronitis are some of the primary causes of serious dental emergencies. The wisdom tooth or all the wisdom teeth do not always emerge (or erupt) into the mouth correctly due to lack of space. Part of the wisdom tooth remains covered by the gum, which results in food and bacteria can get trapped underneath. This causes the wisdom tooth to become infected.

Mouth infections such as Pericoronitis caused by wisdom teeth can be treated with antibiotics, but the infection will reoccur unless the wisdom teeth removal is performed.


Treatment of wisdom teeth at Smiline Dental Texas Emergency Garland:


During a consultation involving x-rays or OPG (panoramic x-ray) and examination, the dental surgeon can determine which wisdom teeth or wisdom tooth will be, or are, functional, and which ones need to be removed. In many cases all four wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

The wisdom teeth removal at smiline Dental Texas Garland Tx commonly involves an incision to open the gum, and sometimes a small portion of the bone may need to be removed to provide access for the wisdom teeth removal. The wisdom teeth may also need to be divided into segments so it can be removed safely and easily. Perfect wisdom teeth technique and a lot of experience is a must for these surgical procedures.

Our 3 days emergency dental Garland team (6 Days up on Request) at SMILINE DENTAL TEXAS are fully qualified and on hand to help cater for all your wisdom teeth problems. 

Existing Crown Fell off:

Has your crown fallen off your tooth? Make sure you do not loose it as our emergency dentists can fix it again. Call us anytime for an emergency appointment and our staff will help you and inform you on what needs to be done next.

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