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Regular Cleanings

Regular Teeth Cleaning or prophy:       6 Months Maintainance

A regular cleaning (or) prophy is designed for the maintenance of healthy gums. Healthy gums have a small, shallow space between the teeth and gums. The procedure involves going into the space and cleaning it thoroughly by removing bacteria and tartar build up. When a person brushes and flosses daily, and gets their teeth cleaned on a regular basis, the bacteria and tartar build up are minimal. Healthy gums are pink in color and there is generally little or no bleeding during the cleaning.

Advantages of Regular Teeth Cleaning:

  • Keep your smile brighter 
  • Ensure early detection of dental problems 
  • Interrupt gum and bone disease (periodontal) disease 
  • Improve your overall health 
  • Help you keep your teeth for a lifetime 
  • Prevent BAD BREATH! . 

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