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Dental Savings Plan Options

When we ask our new patients why they haven’t been to the dentist in years they often say “because I haven’t had insurance”. We want our patients to be healthy but we feel that good oral health shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we created a savings plan which has benefits similar to that of typical insurance plans without any waiting periods, exclusions or downgrades. Compare our plan with plans of insurance companies and we bet you’ll find ours to be easier to understand and far more cost effective.

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SDT Preventative Plan:

All of your preventative dental care for less than $15 per month or $160 annually if paid once.

The following are the yearly benefits under this plan:

  • 2 doctor exams
  • 1 set of x-rays
  • 2 fluoride treatments
  • 2 preventative hygiene cleanings
  • 10% off of all services not covered under the savings plan
  • 15% off of all services not covered under the savings plan where the treatment plan is $1000 or more and is paid in advance

Application Forms: Call our Office 972-276-4888 for more details